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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment is a cutting-edge therapeutic approach gaining popularity in the medical field. This non-surgical procedure utilizes the healing power of platelets present in our blood to stimulate tissue repair and regeneration. PRP treatment involves extracting a small amount of the patient's blood, processing it to concentrate the platelets, and then injecting this platelet-rich solution into the targeted area. These platelets contain growth factors and proteins that accelerate the body's natural healing process, promoting tissue rejuvenation and reducing pain. PRP treatment is commonly used for musculoskeletal injuries, such as tendonitis and osteoarthritis, as well as in dermatology for hair loss and skin rejuvenation. With its minimally invasive nature and potential for remarkable results, PRP treatment offers a promising alternative for individuals seeking effective and natural healing solutions.

Best PRP treatment in Delhi

How is the procedure done?

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Therapy is a 3 step medical treatment involving – drawing a person’s blood, processing the blood, and then injecting it to the scalp. The treatment is used for Androgenetic Alopecia – a common condition that causes the hair follicles to shrink. In males, the situation is referred to as Male Pattern Baldness.

The following steps are an example of a common approach to PRP injections for hair loss:

  • A medical professional draws blood from a vein in the arm.
  • The blood sample is placed in a centrifuge.
  • The blood components are separated in the centrifuge.
  • Platelet-rich plasma is extracted using a syringe.
  • A doctor injects the plasma into the targeted areas of the patient’s scalp.
  • One session takes about an hour and you may require several sessions.
  • A person can return to their regular activities after the procedure.

Different types of hair prp treatments available at influennz

At Influennz, We Offer The Best PRP Hair Treatment In Delhi At Affordable Cost.

Basic Hair PRP: The method utilises 10 to 20 ml of your blood using sodium citrate vials which are then centrifuged in the centrifugation machine.

Booster PRP: The method is specially designed at Influennz and utilises the Double Spin Method of PRP preparation which gives concentrated plasma that is rich in nutrients, growth factors, and platelets.

Advance PRP: The method is the most premium of all the kinds of PRP treatments available all across India. It utilises growth factor concentrate which is delivered using specialised PRP kits.

Advantages of advanced prp over other forms of hair loss treatments

We offer the quality and best hair treatment in Delhi, which is the Advanced PRP.

  • Less number of sessions required.
  • Quicker results guaranteed!
  • Advanced PRP is a standardized worldwide procedure that uses growth factor concentrate kits. The procedure delivers highly concentrated plasma every time.
  • Platelets concentration in Advanced PRP is 10-25 times greater than normal platelets count resulting in better results.

Why choose advanced prp at INFLUENNZ

  • Our PRP Treatment is comprehensive with prior consultation with an AIIMS trained expert and comprises PRP treatment along with medical treatment. At Influennz, we offer the Best PRP Hair Treatment In Delhi. Our clinic ensures sustainable long-term results and no monthly maintenance based on our decades of experience.
  • By following a proper technique of PRP preparation, we ensure the PRP procurement and execution are completely scientific. For PRP to actually work, the concentration of platelets should be 10-25 times the normal concentration of platelets.
  • It is important to keep your expectations real! Consider PRP to act as fertilizer for your scalp. It increases the thickness of individual hair strands improving the hair volume, but it can’t regrow new hair. At Influennz, the results are properly explained to every individual client before the start of the treatment.
  • You can expect to see changes in hair fall within the first 2 sessions of monthly PRP treatment. Volume is improved after 4 to 5 sessions which are done one month apart. The frontal part of the scalp responds quicker as compared to the crown area.
  • We ensure a painless PRP hair treatment in Delhi with complete anesthesia during the process with a combination of numbing cream, lignocaine injection, and anesthesia spray making the process completely comfortable and painless

Precautions To Be Taken After PRP Treatment

  • Avoid the use of shampoo on your hair for 24 hairs
  • Take pain killers if the pain is persistent
  • Do not drive immediately after PRP treatment
  • Give proper time between each session as per your doctor’s recommendation

When Should You Not Opt For Hair PRP?

  • Avoid PRP if you are recovering from a recent viral illness. Viral illnesses like Chickengunya and Dengue tend to lower platelets and therefore PRP sessions should only be resumed after the platelet concentration returns to normal.
  • You should defer PRP sessions if you are on any blood thinners or antiplatelet drugs.

Combination Of PRP With Hair Transplantation At Influennz

  • The follicular grafts are dipped into PRP for about 15 minutes before implantation to increase their survival rate post implantation. This is known as bio-enhanced FUE.
  • For better survival of the grafts, PRP is injected into the recipient area of the scalp prior to or just after implantation of grafts.
  • To minimise bleeding, stimulate wound healing, and reduce scarring – PRP is injected at and around the donor strip excision line in follicular unit transplantation (FUT).

Is PRP Treatment Safe?

  • PRP is derived from your own blood and is thus safe from the risk of transmission of infections such as hepatitis-B, C, or HIV.
  • The mitogenic effects of PRP are only limited to augmentation of the normal healing process and are theoretically not mutagenic. This is due to the fact that the growth factor released does not enter the cell or its nucleus, but only binds to the membrane receptors and induces signal transduction mechanisms making PRP safe even during pregnancy and lactation.
  • The adverse effects are limited to local injection site reactions like pain or secondary infection.

Best PRP treatment in Delhi

Experience the best PRP treatment in Delhi at Influennz Clinic. PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) therapy is a highly effective and minimally invasive procedure that utilizes the healing properties of your own blood to rejuvenate and restore your skin. Our skilled team of dermatologists and state-of-the-art facilities ensure exceptional results. From reducing wrinkles and fine lines to improving skin texture and promoting hair growth, our PRP treatment delivers remarkable outcomes. With a focus on patient satisfaction, we offer personalized care and affordable pricing. Trust Influennz Clinic for the best PRP treatment in Delhi and unlock a youthful, revitalized appearance.

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